Hi there! As many of you know my name is Jordan and I'm a self proclaimed horse crazy lady.  I grew up on a working cattle ranch in Northern California and my dad trained cutting horses, this gave me the opportunity to live a life many dream of.  I was privileged to get to show cutting horses in PCCHA, NCHA and also complete in high school rodeo.  High School Rodeo opened my eyes and gave me hands on experience with rodeo events on an amateur level. In college I was involved with the UC Davis rodeo club as well as other horse groups, and I helped to educate/teach/expose non horsey people about rodeo and horsemanship, knowledge is power.  After college I worked at a few various companies doing bookkeeping/accounting work and in early 2019 I decided it was time to bite the bullet and start my own bookkeeping business.

The first time I picked up a camera to shoot an event I was about 17 years old, I enjoyed taking pictures so much so that I bought my very own digital once I saved up enough at the age of 22.  Since then I have tried to shoot a few events a year.  I have at this point only shot western events but would like to venture into shooting English disciplines as well.  I like to shoot from spots most photographers won't shoot from...you know the top of the horse trailer...under the fence...behind the roping boxes...get different angles and views of  something we have all seen, but now in a different light so to speak.  

Lately I have been trying to move into more portrait photography and have been working on those skills more lately, so you will start to see some of it sprinkled in.  But I do have a type you might say...I like to shoot authentic country folks.  None of the "I wanna look like a cowboy/cowgirl" people, that doesn't fly with me. If we're shooting and I see an opportunity for something that might be an amazing shot(now sometimes they don't end up as fabulous as I hope or envision) a bit of dirt, mud or animal hair had best not stop us from trying it!  I'll lay down on the ground in the dirt, mud or what have you, hang out the cab of the tractor, or even climb down onto the support structures of the bridge if I think it might be epic! So I guess you could say I like to challenge the conventional ways of shooting.  

So if I sound like a fit as a photographer for your event or portraits please reach out and lets talk! I keep my rates as reasonable as I can because too often have I seen or heard of not capturing an event or milestone or even just family portraits because it was too expensive. Don't let precious memories go unrecorded!  

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